We often get asked ‘How many lights do I need’ or ‘Where should we put them’. In this blog we aim to give you the information to answer those questions.


When positioning uplighting we recommend spacing them around the room. The optimum spacing between each light is 2m or 6.5ft. This gives a nice balanced effect with enough light in the room. This works even better when you mirror the lights on each side of the room.


If a room contains features these always add to the look of the room. Does the room have pillars? Place a light on each side to highlight them. Either side of doors and windows as well as in between windows can enhance the look.

Textured Walls

The uplighters look brilliant on textured walls. Walls made from stone or brick for example help to create tiny shadows as the lights shine up the wall and create a really nice contrast.


Our uplighters can be used outside in light rain, these can look amazing lighting up the façade of a building. Much like inside, they look lovely lighting either side of doors and on pillars. They can also add a nice effect when used to uplight bushes and trees. Placing 4 at the base of an old tree shining up the bark can give some nice outside lighting to your event.

How bright are the lights?

Unfortunately this is one question we cant answer easily. If your walls are black and your in a bright sunny room, the lights will have a totally different effect than using the lights on a white wall in a dark room. We recommend using the lights on lighter surfaces, especially when using colours.


Check out some of the examples:

In this example we would place the lights every 2 meters around the room and then either side of the windows

This example has a set of grand doors, we placed the lights either side of the door as well as inbetween the windows. Then every 2 meters around the room.

This example also features 2 pillars in the room. We have placed the lights every 2 meters on the blank walls as well as placing 4 at the base of each pillar to highlight each side of them.

In this example outside we used some to light a tree and then some on the building We have also placed some on the hedge to create a warming atmosphere outside.