About DIY-Uplighting

DIY Uplighting is part of SB Lite, a lighting specialist since 2011. Noticing a gap in the market for a simple, easy to use uplighter, we set out to design our own. By removing all the complicated features found on modern uplighters we were able to create a budget friendly, easy to use option. Our uplighter is perfect to transform the decor of any venue, event or wedding.

Simple to use

The remote controls all of the lights and you can choose your colour via a touch of the remote, or even an effect such as flashing colours.

Quick to setup

All you need to do is turn the uplighter on and put them where they need to be, you can change the colour of all the lights quickly with the remote included.
No running cables. No complicated settings.

Available Nationwide

Our packages are sent out via courier to an address to suit you, then after your event you simply drop them off at your local drop-off point.

The Light

DIY Uplighting Light

One thing that makes DIY Uplighting unique is our easy to use light. We developed and built the light to make sure it does what you need. We removed the expensive complicated components to create a light anyone can use without the expense. This light is only available from ourselves, perfect for weddings and events.


Our lights use 3x 12w Red, Green, Blue and Warm White LED’s giving you over 1,000,000 colours to choose from using the remote control. Choose the colour theme to match your venue, event or wedding.

Ready Charged

Ready to go on arrival with an 8 hour battery life, keeping the party going.

Simple Remote

Simple to use remote control so you can set the colour you want as well as use the inbuilt pre-sets such as flashing colour to create an instant disco.

Use Outside

Our lights are suitable for use outside in light rain.